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Bar light unit

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Bar Light unit


Description: Four side bar lights has the advantage of free angle adjustment, independently intensity control, which is first priority to use for large square illumination.


Model number demonstration

HLDM Series Emitting Length(mm) Emitting Width(mm) Color    
HLDM-119x16R 119 119 R (red)


Product features

1. Combination of bar lights, illumination from four sides.
2. Free angle adjustment
1. The positioning of mark
2. OCR on chips
3. PCB inspection
4. Used for the micrscope illumination
5. The illumination for packing labels
6. Solder inspection
Light working diagram
Detailed specification
Series Model Voltage Color Power (single channel) Diagrams
HLDM   HLDM-41X41 24V R/ WBG 1.0W 1.5W 1
  HLDM-80X80 24V R/ WBG 2.0W 3.0W 2
  HLDM-119X119 24V R/ WBG 3.5W 5.0W 3
  HLDM-218X218 24V R/ WBG 10.7W 12.0W 4
  HLDM-290X290 24V R/ WBG 14.2W 15.6W 5
  HLDM-386X386 24V R/ WBG 18W 22.8W 6



All the Awell illumination lights are secured with one year's warranty period.

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