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Coaxial Lights Series

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Coaxial Lights Series


Reduce the surface reflection and show the uneven surface informaiton. Best choice for the inspection of surface scratches, flaw, damage etc.


Model number demonstration

COA Series Emitting Length (mm) Color           
COA-30 30 R (red)


Product features
1. Special heat transfer design for a long service life  time
2. High density led chip array, allows high class illumination brightness
3. Special coated beam splitter to prevent light loss.


1. Inspection of the breakage on the chip parts and silicon wafers.
2. The mar positioning
3. Inspection of the scratches on the highly reflective surfaces
4. The identification of label on the packaging
5. The identification of laser marking characteristics and 2D code.


Light working diagram




Detaied specificatiaons.


CO/COSQ  CO-2024VR/W/B/G0.8W2.2W4630261




All the Awell illumination lights are secured with one year's warranty period.

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