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AOI Light

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AOI Lights


Description: Multiple colors shinning from the bowl shape light, light angles're also adjustable. It can use together with our coaxial lights which will commit better image comeout.


Model Number Demonstration


AOI Series Emitting Area Color    
AOI- 200 R(red)


Product features
1. Mutiple colors with different reflecting angles, best choice for muti-layer surface.
2. Broad industrial usage, feasible for PCB missing parts, mistake parts, poor soldering, wrong pollarity etc.
1. PCB soldering
2. Flaw, imperfection inspection for muti-layer surface.
Light working diagram
Detailed Specifications
Series Model Voltage/Power O.D. (mm) I.D. (mm) Height (mm)
AOI AOI-200RGB 24V/27W 198 42 68.75
AOI AOI-200-35RGB 24V/38.5W 200 35 76.4


All the Awell illumination lights are secured with one year's warranty period.


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