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Shadowless Diffuse Ring Light

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High Brightness Shadowless Ring Lights


Description: High brightness LED and diffuser with high emission to get high intensity shadowless area.


Model number demonstration


SRL Series Outer Diameter (mm) Color  
SRL-120R 120 R (red)       


Product features

1. Assembly with high power LED
2. High concentration and without shadow effect
1. Electronic part surface inspection
2. Cylider object inside surface diry point inspection
Light working diagram
Detailed specifications
Series Model Voltage Color Power Diagrams
SRL SRL120RGB 24V R/W/B/G 9.6W 1
SRL180RGB 24V R/W/B/G 19.2W 2
SRL245RGB 24V R/W/B/G 24.0W 3


All the Awell illumination lights are secured with one year's warranty period.

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