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Linear Light

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Line Lights


The newly developped line lights, which is 60% higher illumination based on common line lights from market.


Model number demonstration


LIN Series Emitting Length (mm) Color     
LIN-100R 100 R (red)  


Product features.

 1. Superb illumination as high as 1.1 million LUX.

2. High spotted by new cylindrical lens.

3. Suitable for production line inspection.

4. High efficient cooling structure.


Light working diagram




Detailed Specification.


Item Model Number Color Size V/W
Line Lights LIN100-R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L100xW114.7xH53mm  24V/36W 
LIN140-R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L140xW114.7xH53mm  24V/54W 
LIN180-R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L180xW114.7xH53mm  24V/72W 
LIN220-R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L220xW114.7xH53mm  24V/90W 
LIN260-R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L260xW114.7xH53mm  24V/109W 
LIN300R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L300xW114.7xH53mm  24V/127W 
LIN340R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L340xW114.7xH53mm  24V/145W 
LIN380R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L380xW114.7xH53mm  24V/163W 
LIN420R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L420xW114.7xH53mm  24V/181W 
LIN460R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L460xW114.7xH53mm  24V/199W 
LIN500R/B/G/W R/B/G/W  L500xW114.7xH53mm  24V/217W  





All the Awell illumination lights are secured with one year's warranty period.

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